Homeland Security Aid Means Metal Detectors For IN Court


Wonder where your homeland security tax dollars are going? Here is an example: The Associated Press reports that the Howard County, In., Courthouse is getting metal detectors nearly 20 years after a man smuggled a bomb inside and detonated it, killing himself and injuring 15 others. The county will get $29,295 from the Indiana Department of Homeland Security to buy an X-ray machine, tables, and metal detector to increase security at the courthouse.

In 1987, Robert David Gray, who was being tried on drug charges, smuggled a briefcase loaded with four pipe bombs into the courthouse about 40 miles north of Indianapolis. The sheriff steered Gray into his office to examine the contents of the briefcase, and the explosives went off, killing Gray and injuring the sheriff. County Commissioner Brad Bagwell said metal detectors are being acquired now because “The opportunity presented itself that we could get the equipment at no cost to the county.”

Link: http://www.indystar.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20061004/LOCAL/610040523

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