MTV Tackles Crystal Meth, Juvenile Detention


MTV’s documentary series “True Life” begins its new season tonight with “I'm Addicted to Crystal Meth,” a look at the toll that methamphetamine can take on lives, loves, family, and friends, says the New York Times. In a world where “reality shows” are as scripted as serial dramas, it can be hard to find authenticity when following somone around with a camera. The addicts in the “Crystal Meth” documentary are so beholden to the drug that their ability to act seems short-circuited, to the viewer's benefit. “We're capturing the authentic behavior of our audience in the moment that they are going through it,” MTV’s Dave Sirulnick.

An intense look at the world of juvenile detention marks the debut of another series, “Juvies,” scheduled to begin later this fall. Set in the juvenile division of Lake County, In., Superior Court, the series follows roughly 18 juvenile defendants through their detention and court hearings. “These shows aren't about the crimes,” Sirulnick said. “They are really psychological studies, about who has support systems and who doesn't.” Mary Beth Bonaventura, the senior judge for the juvenile division of Lake County Superior Court, agreed to let MTV pursue the idea after being assured that it wouldn't be just another reality show.


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