Intruders Shooting In Schools “A Different Level Of Crime”


Yesterday’s rampage at an Amish school in Pennsylvania, the nation’s third deadly school shooting in less than a week, was another in a series of attacks in which four exurban schools were targeted in the last month by intruders committing murder, mayhem, and sexual assaults, says the Chicago Tribune. Except for a disturbed teenager killing a principal in a rural Wisconsin school Friday, the recent rash of shootings were done by outsiders going against a decade-long trend of insular school violence committed mostly by students. “It’s a disturbing change,” said William Lassiter of the Center for the Prevention of School Violence in North Carolina. “We’ve never seen anything like this.”

Of the 400-plus deaths in school violence in the last 12 years, only a handful were at the hands of intruders, experts say. Now, just in the last month, at least five people have been killed and several wounded by intruders shooting in schools. “This is like somebody coming to your front door, holding your house hostage and killing people,” said Ronald Stephens of the California-based National School Safety Center. “It’s a whole different level of crime,” he said. “It means schools are so vulnerable that anyone can walk in off the street and do something so heinous. What is the next wave of shock we can get?” Chicago public schools have required manned metal detectors in high schools and monitored entry points at elementary schools since 1996. “Unfortunately, we are susceptible to the sorts of violence that happens in urban environments, so we’ve been ahead of the race for a long time when it comes to safety,” said schools spokeswoman Celeste Garrett. “We have some of the safest learning environments around.”


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