Parading of Juveniles Past Adult Offenders Is Halted in FL


Juvenile offenders in Broward County will no longer be forced to walk past inmates at the main jail on their way to court, a practice that subjected the youths to harassment and explicit catcalls, reports the Miami Herald. The Department of Juvenile Justice says it will use another route to bring young offenders to court. The announcement came after two Broward attorneys began looking into several juveniles’ accounts of being taken through the jail Monday morning.

Federal and state laws say juvenile offenders cannot be transported or held anywhere within ”sight or sound” of adult prisoners. DJJ Secretary Anthony Schembri acted as soon as he heard that young people were being led past inmates, agency spokeswoman Tara Collins said. ”This method of escorting youth to the court will cease immediately. An alternate route was in place Tuesday. In Broward, officials received the news with relief, but expressed disgust that the practice was ever in use.


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