NYC Crime Steady, But Juvenile Violence Called ‘Worrisome’


Despite crime spikes in other American cities, the streets of New York City have been growing ever safer, just as they have been for more than a decade, reports the New York Times. But digging deeper into the city's numbers uncovers some worrisome trends. Crime committed by young people, including murder, is rising. Stemming the flow of illegal guns is a vexing challenge, police officials say.

Of those arrested on charges of murder so far this year, about 14 percent were under 18, nearly double the city's average, 8 percent, for the past three years. Juvenile arrests for murder and other major felonies increased 11.3 percent. Criminologists attribute the spurt in youth crime in some places to what they call an evolving subculture among juveniles and young adults that encourages violent responses to seemingly trivial disputes. “What everybody sees is street rules saying if you're dissed you have to do something,” said David M. Kennedy, director of the Center for Crime Prevention and Control at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. “And what counts as being dissed is getting more and more minor.”


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