GA Prosecutor Pumped Up by Aborted Trip to Courtroom


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution profiles Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter. The DA was to have personally prosecuted Dr. Barton Corbin, a dentist accused of murder. But Corbin pleaded guilty at the 11th hour. “You have to really pump yourself up for a trial,” Porter said. “Now that the plug has been pulled in the middle of the process, I am still trying to come down from it.”

Porter was hired at the Gwinnett County DA’s office straight out of law school in 1981. He never left and was elected district attorney in 1992. Porter, 51, was born in Massachusetts but he grew up in the West Indies, following the career of his father, a manager for a NASA subcontractor. He said serendipity led him to the law. “There was a woman I was seeing who wanted to go to law school,” he said. “I sat with her when she was taking the LSAT just to help keep her calm. And I did pretty well on the test.”


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