For MN County Attorney, Job Is Not Quite ‘Law and Order’


Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press that her job is not quite like what you see on TV. “Law & Order” gets an awful lot right about the jobs attorneys do, Klobuchar said. But the show misses one crucial part. “I don’t ever see that ‘Law & Order’ guy going to hot high school gyms for neighborhood meetings,” she said. “I’ve visited every high school in the county … all of the city councils, some of them multiple times.”

Klobuchar is running for U.S. Senate, and the paper attempts to evaluate the job she done as prosecutor. Supporters say she has led the office well by focusing resources on important issues, introducing innovation and creating public accountability. Political opponents say Klobuchar has been ineffective, has treated her employees badly and failed to personally take on big cases or rein in now-rising crime rates.


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