FL Shooting Case Shines Spotlight on Eyewitness ID


A road rage shooting in Palm Beach, Fla., on March 2, 2000, is once again calling into question the veracity of an eyewitness identification. A man in a car fired a gunshot that struck Mary Beth Dziadik as she sat behind her husband, Bob, on a motorcycle. Six months later, Bob Dziadik chose Vishnu Persad out of a photo lineup as the shooter. Persad, eventually convicted and sent to prison for 43 years, will get a second chance in an upcoming new trial.

The Palm Beach Post looks into the case, noting the thin evidence on which Persad was convicted, including Dziadik’s eyewitness identification. Eyewitness ID procedures are under new scrutiny because they can be wrong. More than 75 percent of DNA exoneration cases nationwide involve mistaken identification, according to the Innocence Project.

Link: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/search/content/local_news/epaper/2006/09/23/m1a_eyewitness_0923.html

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