Record Drug Hauls At Mexican Border Show Demand Is High


Federal agents netted agents $6 million in drugs last week in its largest heroin haul in Laredo, Tx., this year, says the Dallas Morning News. Border Patrol agents at checkpoints and state troopers at traffic stops are finding record amounts of cocaine and marijuana. With the fiscal year almost over, Customs and Border Protection’s Laredo sector saw heroin seizures jump 40 percent. Seizures of undeclared currency, an indication of illegal drug proceeds headed south, rose 72 percent to nearly $10 million. Officials are alarmed that a more addictive Mexican-produced methamphetamine is showing up all over the state in huge amounts.

With greater enforcement and higher demand, drug trafficking organizations are saturating the border in hopes of getting at least some of their loads across, officials say. Jane Carlisle Maxwell of the University of Texas in Austin says, “We have to understand that more narcotics entering the country means the number of people dependent on drugs is going up. The traffickers just have more customers.” The illicit drug marking the biggest increase is the smokable form of methamphetamine, known as “ice.”


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