Murders, Violent Crime Up Last Year, Final FBI Report Says


The final FBI crime compilation for 2005, issued today, says that violent crime nationwide rose 2.3 percent and property crime fell 1.5 percent. The FBI is dropping the print publication of its annual “Crime in the U.S.” volume; it’s all available online now. The FBI summary includes crimes reported to law enforcement agencies; estimates of unreported crimes are included in the Bureau of Justice Statistics’ victimization survey, which came out last week.

Among other items in the new FBI report: Although reported violent crime totals grew over 2004, they have dropped 3.4 percent since 2001 and 17.6 percent since 1996; Burglaries, 0.5 percent, ere the only property crimes to rise in 2005; murders were up 3.4 percent and arrests of juveniles for murder were up nearly 20 percent over 2004; of the 14.1 million arrests made by law enforcement in 2005, drug violations accounted for more than any other offense. The FBI is providing expanded offense information for eight categories of crime, from the locations of robberies to the times of day of burglaries; a variety of information on sworn police officers and civilian law enforcement; crime totals reported by city and state; and national property and violent crimes over the past two decades.


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