MD Newspaper Provides Info To Inmates Seeking Jobs


Baltimore Sun columnist Dan Rodricks sought letters from state prison inmates and is getting them. “Every day a letter or two – or 10 – arrives from inmates in a state or federal prison or pre-release unit.” Rodricks say. The inmate are asking for help in finding a job and describing a correctional system that has only limited opportunity for comprehensive preparation for release back to free society to reduce recidivism. “The next governor really has to do something about this,” Rodricks says. “It’s not a popular theme for politicians – I think they misread the public’s attitude about it -but given the state of things inside and outside the walls, it is essential that the system do a better job in getting these guys ready for their return.”

Rodricks says the Sun has assembled an information packet that can be mailed to inmates that provides information about ex-offender services and lists several companies that hire people with nonviolent records.


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