As Death Drew Near, Condemned TX Man Reflected on Life


Farley Charles Matchett, a crack addict on a binge, killed three people in July 1991 during a deadly spree to get money for more drugs. On Tuesday, he became the 21st man in Texas to die by lethal injection this year. Before his deaeth, during an interview from death row with the Houston Chronicle, the 43-year-old spoke about his life, his case and what he considered an unfair shake at the legal system with his state-appointed counsel. Matchett believed another review of his case could have spared his life.

“I live every day with what happened, and I regret what happened,” he said. “How much remorse does society want me to show?” Matchett was raised early on by his paternal grandparents in East Texas. His teenage mother lived in nearby Midway, and he rarely saw his father. He dropped out of school and joined the U.S. Army, but was discharged in 1981 for various violations. He worked as a truck driver, school bus driver and landscaper, but a crack addiction took hold of his life. Matchett had chances to quit his drug habit. But as a court document put it, “He was not willing to listen and was closed minded.”


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