VA Misdemeanor Sex Offender Must Register, Judge Rules


John Doe must reveal who he is and that he was convicted 12 years ago of incest or face arrest for not submitting that information to Virginia’s sex-offender registry, a judge ruled yesterday, says the Washington Post. Circuit Court Judge Frank A. Hoss Jr. dismissed a lawsuit that Doe, an aquatics coach, filed against the county and the state. “It seems to me that the statute is clear: He must register,” Hoss said. Doe is trying to block public disclosure of his longtime sexual relationship with his sister, which prosecutors said began when she was in first grade. Doe pleaded guilty at age 18 to misdemeanor incest, when his sister was 14. Authorities said yesterday that Doe, now 31, admitted to 25 sexual encounters with his sister; she told the court she supports her brother’s quest for anonymity.

A prosecutor said an arrest warrant would be issued for Doe within 72 hours if he didn’t register. That would mean his name, photo and profession would be posted on the Internet amid the rapists and child molesters. Virginia’s registry has expanded to include nonviolent offenders such as Doe, which led to his lawsuit. Since July, Virginia State Police have added the names of about 2,800 nonviolent sex offenders to the online database.


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