Why NYC Is Model Of Home-Grown Anti-Terror Protection


More than 75 police cars race to Times Square, lights flashing, then converge in what’s called “combat fashion,” the Christian Science Monitor reports. Across town on an expressway, three heavily armored SUVs pull over. Helmeted antiterrorism officers jump out and survey the scene around them, guns cocked and ready. In Lyon, France, a New York police detective is briefed on Interpol’s latest terrorist intelligence and immediately relays it back to Manhattan. NYPD intelligence gathering and drills such as these happen every day; New York has emerged as an international leader in counterterrorism measures. On any given day, more than 1,000 uniformed officers are tasked with ensuring that New York City – the world’s No. 1 terrorist target – is doing everything it can to prevent another attack. “In the final analysis, our security is not going to be a matter of barriers and bollards and electronic surveillance or keeping shampoo from carry-on luggage,” says RAND Corp. terrorism expert Brian Jenkins. “It is really going to be found in our own courage and our continuing commitment to our own values and the rule of law – our sense of community, our tolerance, our historic traditions of self-reliance and resilience.”

New York now spends $200 million a year on counterterrorism measures – most of it coming from the city’s coffers, not the federal government. “The approach taken by the city of New York is absolutely essential,” says Michael Greenberger of the University of Maryland’s Center on Health and Homeland Security. “On a broad array of issues, the federal government has let the states and cities down.”

Link: http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/0911/p01s03-ussc.html

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