Realistic Attitude Called Key To Inmate Re-Entry


Ohio men released from prison are less likely to return if they have a realistic – but positive – attitude, seek help from families, support groups and the city, and find a job, says the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Findings from a study by the Washington, D.C.-based Urban Institute were based on interviews with 424 Ohio men after their release from prison. The project also included released prisoners from Texas, Maryland, and Illinois.

“It sounds simple, but he needs a good attitude about his chances of staying out of trouble, but one that is realistic so he knows that it won’t be easy,” said researcher Christy Visher. “If he is too optimistic from the start, he’ll be hit with reality, and things will go downhill very fast.” She added: “It’s hard, but people in our study did find jobs. The jobs may not pay a lot of money, but there are companies that will hire these men as movers, laborers or in the food service industry. Jobs are vital for these men and knowing how to work is also important.” The report recommends that the men get involved in drug and alcohol support groups and get a mentor they can turn to when things get rough.


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