L.A. Will Set Up National Police Training On Terrorism


Los Angeles Police William Bratton plans to create a national anti-terrorism academy in Los Angeles where law enforcement officers from around the U.S. could learn to identify threats and prevent attacks, the Los Angeles Times reports. “There is no place like that for local law enforcement agencies,” Bratton said after speaking at a conference in New York City attended by 300 law enforcement experts. The event was sponsored by the conservative Manhattan Institute’s Center for Policing Terrorism. Meeting near the site of the World Trade Center, Bratton and other police chiefs called on the federal government to do more to help local agencies improve their ability to identify and prevent terror plots. The Manhattan Institute has been working with the Los Angeles Police Department for more than a year to develop a model anti-terrorism program that can be used by other law enforcement agencies.

A training academy could begin with 15 to 20 big-city law enforcement agencies that have already formed an alliance to share anti-terror data, said Deputy Chief Mark Leap, head of the Los Angeles police anti-terror program. Bratton would like to develop the academy over the next five years with help from experts using existing seed money. Bratton will use $10 million from the federal Homeland Security Department to create a computer database that would allow the dozens of law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles County to share intelligence on potential terror plots.

Link: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-terror8sep08,1,4793377.story?coll=la-headlines-california

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