Do Phoenix Police Have “Baseline Killer” Or Innocent Man?


A suspect arrested in the sexual assault of two Phoenix sisters last year looks remarkably like the composite sketch of a serial killer who has been prowling the city for more than a year, says the Arizona Republic. Mark Goudeau, a construction worker, is believed to be linked to one double attack in the series of sexual assaults, robberies, and murders blamed on the “Baseline Killer.” Goudeau, an ex-con, lives just about a block and a half from the last murder, smack in the area where many of the killer’s 23 crimes were clustered. It remains unclear whether it was all coincidence or if police really have the man who has terrorized Phoenix since August 2005, plucking victims randomly from public places and killing eight.

Police say DNA evidence links Goudeau to the Sept. 20 sexual assaults of two sisters but not to any of the other Baseline Killer cases. Goudeau’s family said he was singled out because he lives in the area, fits the killer’s profile and has a criminal record. They say Goudeau is a hardworking man who spends all his time either at work or at home with his wife. “He’s innocent,” said Goudeau’s niece, Ebony Goudeau. “They need a scapegoat. He didn’t do it.”


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