Why The Ramsey Furor: “People Vote With Their Clickers”


The news media over-covered the recent apprehension of John Mark Karr in the 10-year-old JonBenet Ramsey case, but “we over-cover everything,” CBS News executive Steve Friedman told CNN. “I mean, you know, when a story breaks we’re always on it, we’re always on it,” Friedman said on the network’s “Reliable Sources” program. “That’s the nature of the beast right now.” The case against Karr was dropped, but only after saturation media coverage.

Friedman called the Ramsey case “everyone’s nightmare: a girl taken out of her bed and killed.” He said that, “People vote with their clickers. And they watch this stuff. And, we present what we know when we know it.” Mark Jurkowitz of the Project for Excellence in Journalism said the case got to much attention over “the possibility that being one of these ongoing sagas that television loves so much. I mean, frankly, it’s a staple of cable news, although the networks gave this tremendous coverage, as well.”

Link: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0609/03/rs.01.html

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