L.A. Mom Accused of Chauffeuring Teen Graffiti Crew


Victoria Villicano is known in her Los Angeles neighborhood as a devoted mother who is often seen behind the wheel of her SUV, driving her two teenage sons to stores and sporting events. But Los Angeles Police Department detectives say the 42-year-old woman also drove a five-member tagging crew, including her two children, around Silver Lake and Echo Park, stopping long enough for the group to jump out and vandalize, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Authorities believe the crew is responsible for spray-painting about 100 sites along Sunset Boulevard, causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Their alleged reign came to an end last week when police received a call about some teens tagging a 7-Eleven store in Silver Lake. Police found the alleged taggers with Villicano in her SUV. “This had to be a first,” said one of the detectives.

Link: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-tagmom30aug30,0,2026962.story?coll=la-home-headlines

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