Dwarf Files Federal Lawsuit Against Georgia Prison


A 23-year-old dwarf, Byron “B.J.” Rhodan, is suing the Georgia prison system for injuries he claims resulted when a guard forced him to climb onto a sink to shave, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Rhodan, who stands 4 feet 1 inches tall and was serving a 20 month sentence for a drug conviction, claims he hurt his back during the incident.

Rhodan’s federal lawsuit says that the April 2004 injury occurred after a guard at the state prison in Jackson told him to shave. Rhodan says that when he complained he could not see himself in the mirror in his cell, the guard told him to stand on the sink. Rhodan says he fell and severely injured his back. “Just because I was in prison they shouldn’t put me in a position to hurt myself,” said Rhodan, who was released from prison last year.

Link: http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/stories/0828metdwarf.html

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