Case Against JonBenet Ramsey “Suspect” Collapses Abruptly


The New York Times reports that the arrest warrant for John M. Karr, the much-ballyhooed “suspect” in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case, was dismissed Monday after DNA tests showed Karr could not have been the six-year-old beauty queen’s killer. In the wake of the action, a case that had generated a vast amount of sometimes shrill media coverage suddenly disintegrated amid questions about why Colorado authorities had ever taken Karr seriously in the first place.

In asking for the withdrawal of the warrant, Boulder County district attorney Mary T. Lacy wrote, “No evidence has developed, other than his own repeated admissions, to place Mr. Karr at the scene of the crime . . . Mr. Karr was not the source of the DNA found in the underwear of JonBenet Ramsey.”


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