Barry Bonds’ Trainer Sent to Prison Again for Failure to Testify


Barry Bonds’ weight trainer, Greg Anderson, has been returned to federal prison for a second time for refusing to answer questions from a federal grand jury investigating whether Bonds committed perjury in his earlier testimony that he had not used performance-enhancing drugs. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that, during the hearing Monday that resulted in Anderson’s incarceration, the judge hearing the case signaled that Anderson could remain behind bars for more than one year for contempt of court.

U.S. District Judge William Alsup said Anderson had provided no legal justification for refusing to tell the grand jury Aug. 17 whether he had supplied steroids to Bonds or other athletes, or even whether he knew the star Giants outfielder.

“Maybe in 16 months he will change his mind,” Alsup told Anderson’s attorney, Mark Geragos. “We will wait and see how loyal your client wants to be to someone other than his government, his country.”


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