Convicted Gang Boss is Honored by San Francisco Official


Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, a convicted Chinatown gang member who once was the target of federal deportation proceedings, was recently honored by a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors who is running for the state legislature, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. Chow was a key member of the Hop Sing Tong in Chinatown until he and two dozen other members were indicted for racketeering in 1992. He was convicted of gun charges and a 25-year prison term, but was released in 2003 after cutting a deal to testify against a high-ranking associate.

The Chronicle says that, although San Francisco police have since concluded that Chow is associating with members of Asian gangs in violation of his deal and federal agents have been trying to get him deported to China, San Francisco County Supervisor Fiona Ma recently arranged for Chow and his current tong, the Chinese Freemasons, to receive a certificate of honor from the city. “Raymond Chow says he’s learned his lesson the hard way and wants to be a positive influence on the lives of young people,” said Ma, who is a candidate for the state Assembly. “I’m an optimist and want to believe that people mean what they say, but only time will tell.”


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