Citing Security Concerns, FBI Goes Suburban In Cincinnati


The Cincinnati office of the FBI is poised to leave downtown, taking with it 90 jobs, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer. While the agency’s downtown offices are said to be cramped, the move is largely because of security concerns. A separate building for the bureau field office is planned within the Interstate 275 beltway, north of the Ohio River. The agency would prefer to build on 8 to 10 acres, which would provide enough setback to ease concerns about truck bombs such as the one that blew up the Oklahoma City federal building in 1995, killing 168. “After Oklahoma City, it’s as much for the city’s protection as for anything else,” FBI agent Michael Brooks said.

While counties further away from downtown Cincinnati have expressed interest in providing a home for the new federal building, Brooks said, “We prefer Hamilton County,” in which Cincinnati is located.


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