Gibson DWI Supervised Probation Called “Standard Outcome”


Actor Mel Gibson agreed to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, perform public service announcements, and pay $1,300 in fines in a plea agreement to resolve his drunk driving charges, the Los Angeles Times reports. The proceeding occurred without intense media glare and was over in a few minutes. The agreement placed Gibson on three years of “supervised probation,” meaning that he has to return to court periodically to show he is abiding by the terms of his probation.

Gibson attorney Blair Berk who entered a plea of no contest to one misdemeanor count of driving with an alcohol level of 0.08% or above. Experts called the resolution fairly routine for a first-time DUI case in California that caused no injuries. “The only departure from the standard terms are the AA meetings required by the court,” said Darren Kavinoky, a defense attorney who specializes in drug and drunk driving cases. “But generally speaking, this settlement reflects a standard outcome.” Kavinoky said prosecutors could have charged Gibson with crimes such as a “speed enhancement” for going 20 mph over the speed limit, which would require a two-month jail sentence.


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