Advocacy Group Urges Crackdown On “Cyber Bullying”


Schools and legislators should clamp down on “cyber bullying,” says crime prevention group Fight Crime: Invest in Kids. The Associated Press reports that the national organization released a survey showing that one in three teenagers and one in six pre-teens received threats or verbal abuse online. Some officers sift through Web sites or run Internet searches on the school or particular students, trying to catch trouble online before it spills over into real life, said Kevin Perlich of the Richardson, Tx., Police Department.

Arlington, Tx., Police Chief Theron Bowman said whether the target is an adult or a child, online bullying can include threats and humiliation — such as the posting of a digitally altered, inappropriate photo. It’s harder to prosecute people because is difficult to prove who did the posting, and the law itself is ambiguous, he said. Fight Crime: Invest in Kids said more needs to be done to prevent the problem; it called on schools to adopt anti-cyber bullying programs. Bowman cited children who often don’t tell anyone about being bullied. The poll found that 16 percent of teenagers who’ve received bullying messages said nothing.


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