Las Vegas Sets Up Special Court For Curfew Violators


After dark, gangs take over Las Vegas’s Emerald Breeze apartments, says the Las Vegas Sun. As many as 60 members of three teen gangs – Squad Up, Piru Blood and HTO (Hustlers Takin’ Over) – have gathered at the complex to socialize, deal drugs and, increasingly, to settle scores. This year, police are strictly enforcing the curfew law by regularly raiding the area. The law forbids children and teens under 18 from being outside and unsupervised after 10 p.m. on school nights, and midnight on weekends and during summer months.

But police, knowing that curfew citations rarely have been taken seriously by anyone in the system, worked with others in the justice system to create a Curfew Court. Before it was set up violators who were not on probation or parole almost never went to court. Now, youths from 12 to 17 who break curfew and who commit trespass violations must appear in court within one week. They must show up with a parent, and must pay a $110 fine. If they can’t pay, the youth has to show up every week for a status check until they do. Of 43 citations issued since the Curfew Court began on June 28, 30 youths have so far shown up in court.


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