GA Police Academy Fires 20 Recruits For Cheating


Twenty recruits at the Cobb County, Ga., Police Academy, have been dismissed for cheating, says the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The recruiting class members were accused of helping each other on exams. One fired recruit, Louis Barney, 42 – a veteran of New York’s Department of Corrections – said instructors created an atmosphere that allowed them to discuss questions during tests.

Cobb police officials said the line of what is right and what is wrong is easily drawn. “You have to have enough trust in them,” said Lloyd. “We trust them to go onto the streets and carry a weapon, to testify in court to the absolute truth all the time, to go into somebody’s house and leave things as they are.” One officer said the class was tested regularly – quizzes, open-book exams and certified tests – but there were never any proctors during the examinations. An exam on hazardous materials was an open-book test. On quizzes, the class was allowed to use notes. “There were mixed signals,” Barney said. Barney said he shared answers – and so did everyone else. He does not believe it was cheating.


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