NYC’s Kelly Criticizes Giuliani On Terrorism Issues


Rudolf Giuliani’s positive image is harshly questioned in a new book that takes to task New York City’s preparedness on 9/11 – with some of the most pointed criticism coming from current Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, reports the new York Daily News. Kelly, who was dismissed by Giuliani in 1993 and later reappointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, offers dramatic observations in “Grand Illusion: The Untold Story of Rudy Giuliani and 9/11,” by Dan Collins and well-known Giuliani critic Wayne Barrett.

Kelly criticizes Giuliani’s decision to locate the city’s command center next to Ground Zero, the site of a terror bombing in 1993, and archaic radios that kept the police and fire departments from communicating. The book makes extensive use of interviews Giuliani and others gave privately to the federal 9/11 commission – material that was supposed to remain confidential until 2009. The book notes that as early as 1990, the New York Fire Department was describing its radios in agency memos as “obsolete” and “totally inadequate” – but the same radios were still in use in 2001.


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