Experts Say Bus Fires, Sometimes Fatal, Are Not Tracked in US


Bus fires like the one that killed 23 elderly people fleeing Hurricane Rita last September pose a significant problem that has largely gone unreported, federal accident investigators said Tuesday. USA Today reports that as many as 2,600 fires break out each year on all types of buses, but the exact number is unknown because the blazes are not tracked in any central database, according to a fire safety expert who testified before the National Transportation Safety Board.

Marty Ahrens of the National Fire Protection Association said an analysis of reports from local fire departments showed there are 2,000 to 2,600 fires a year on all types of buses, including school buses and motor coaches. “We’ve been yelling and screaming for years that someone should do something about this,” said Larry Plachno, a former bus company owner who edits National Bus Trader magazine.


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