Meth’s ‘Stranglehold’ Grips CO Man’s Once-Successful Life


Ryan Brassell had it all, says the Rocky Mountain News. A six-figure income. A lovely wife. A two-story dream home in Arvada. Then he tried methamphetamine. And so began another “riches to rags” story in Denver’s suburbs about meth’s stranglehold. Today, Brassell’s wife has divorced him. His father has fired him from the family company, where he was a legal adviser, earning $463,000 in dividends and salary in 2004.

One of his drug-world girlfriends has pleaded guilty to prostitution and possession of meth. Another has just been sentenced for possessing meth and weapons while riding in a stolen car. Brassell has been in and out of rehabilitation. He maintains he is clean now. But he faces decades in prison if convicted of the crimes for which he is charged. Because meth is so addictive and readily available, experts say “riches to rags” stories like Brassell’s are becoming more prevalent in Denver’s suburbs.


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