Molestions Shine Spotlight on Women Who Abuse Boys


He was 15, her son’s classmate. She was 41, married with three children. One day she took him on an outing, and they had sex in the family’s Dodge Durango, according to police. Over the next few months, they had more than 20 sexual encounters. The woman, Jami Lee Knox, now faces charges, reports the Detroit Free Press. “It’s rape,” said Farmington Hills Police Chief William Dwyer. Women in Florida, Georgia and New Jersey also have been convicted of similar crimes or faced similar charges in the last two years.

In Saginaw, band teacher Laura Findlay, 32, has admitted to having sex with six of her middle school students from November 2004 to March 2005. The arrests are putting a spotlight on the issue of women who molest children. Researchers are just beginning to try to track the numbers. About 96% of all sexual assaults reported to police nationwide are committed by males. But women–often caregivers, teachers or preschool workers–sometimes take advantage of their access to children. About 12% of sexual assaults on children under age 6 are by females. Six percent of the assaults on children ages 6 to 12 are perpetrated by females, and 3% of sexual assaults on children aged 12 to 17 also are committed by women. Some believe such molestions are underreported.


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