Heat Cited in Deaths of 2 Indiana Inmates


Heat killed an inmate this week at the mostly un-air-conditioned Indiana State Prison and contributed to the death of another, a coroner said. Prison spokesman Barry Nothstine said he had not received a report on the cause of death yet, but said prison officials will review what steps they can take to protect prisoners. “We’ll try to keep this from happening again,” Nothstine told the Associated Press. Nothstine said he could not recall in his 19 years at the prison an inmate who died solely from the heat, as the coroner’s office said Ricky Christmas had.

Christmas, 26, died Tuesday of hyperthermia. The heat wave also contributed to the death of Harold Montgomery, 52, on Sunday, Sullivan said. Both Montgomery and Christmas were housed in a cellblock reserved for about 100 inmates who are being isolated for disciplinary problems. Montgomery was serving a 22-year prison sentence for dealing cocaine and a four-year sentence of possession of a handgun with obliterated markings. Christmas was convicted of child molesting in 2004. He was expected to be released in November.

Link: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/I/IN_HEAT_INMATE_DEATHS_INOL

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