Expert Fears Houston Serial Killings Are “Just the Beginning’


In the 20 years Steven Egger has researched serial killers, the internationally recognized expert said one of the more unsettling realizations is how good most of them are at going unnoticed. “The key here is that they don’t stick out, they blend. They look like anyone else in the group,” Egger told the Houston Chronicle. “They don’t have horns.” It is likely that some of the investigators looking into the discovery of six slain women in the north Houston woods of Acres Home have sat in the classroom of Egger, a criminology professor at the University of Houston at Clear Lake. The author of four books on serial murders, Egger has assisted law enforcement agencies around the world in tracking the rare breed of killer.

Egger and his wife, Kim, also an expert in the field, are not assisting the Acres Homes investigation. But in applying more than 30 years combined experience in assessing the case, the Eggers said that if a serial killer is at work, more bodies are likely to be found. “It’s just the beginning,” Kim Egger said. Houston police officials have said that a serial killer could be connected to the numerous sexual assaults and the slayings of six women whose nude or partially clothed bodies were discovered in Acres Homes. Investigators first noticed a pattern in April.


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