Cincinnati Jail Is Overcrowded; Blame the Petty Criminals


If jail overcrowding is causing a revolving door at the Hamilton County, Ohio, Justice Center, Benny E. Crabtree and Terry Lee Pinkard have gone through it enough times to get dizzy. No one has been arrested more, says the Cincinnati Enquirer. Since 2000, each has gone to jail 93 times, according to an Enquirer analysis of the sheriff’s Jail Management System database.

Pinkard, 46, has served 1,072 days in jail – the equivalent of almost three years. Crabtree, 58, has served 906 days. Neither has been convicted of a felony during that period. Their most common offenses are trespassing at downtown businesses, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and jaywalking. At $65 a day, their incarcerations each cost taxpayers about $20,000 a year. As Hamilton County officials talk about building a new jail, it’s not the murderers and rapists and bank robbers they want to keep locked up. The problem is misdemeanor offenders.


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