75 Boston Cops Have Failed Drug Tests Since ’99


Since Boston police started annual drug testing in 1999, 75 officers have failed the tests, and 26 of them flunked a second test and were fired, newly released statistics show. Acting Police Commissioner Albert Goslin said an additional 20 of the officers who tested positive left the department on their own because they could not handle the frequent follow-up checks, reports the Boston Globe.

Of the 75 officers, 61 tested positive for cocaine, 14 for marijuana, two for ecstasy, and one for heroin, according to figures obtained by the Globe through a public records request. (Some officers had more than one drug in their system). Some specialists and department observers said they were alarmed by the number of officers testing positive for a “hard” drug such as cocaine and questioned the department’s policy that allows an officer to remain on the force after a positive drug test. An officer is not fired until a second positive test.

Link: http://www.boston.com/news/local/massachusetts/articles/2006/07/30/75_officers_failed_city_drug_tests/

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