Baltimore Man Wins $44 Million In Police Brutality Case


A Baltimore jury has awarded a 55-year-old man $44 million in a police brutality case in which a police officer was accused of throwing the man headfirst into the concrete wall of a holding cell and rendering him a quadriplegic, the Baltimore Sun reports. The victim, Albert Mosley, uses a wheelchair and lives in a private medical facility. The officer named in the suit, Bryan Kershaw, joined the city police force in 2000 and is now a detective in the homicide unit. Mosley’s attorney, William H. Murphy Jr., quoted Mosley as saying, “It’s the first time he ever got justice.”

In 2003, Mosley was picked up on a probation violation and brought to a police station. Mosley was intoxicated and unruly and made insulting comments to Kershaw, who was supervising five prisoners that night. “He said some insulting things that should have just rolled off the back of an experienced police officer like water,” Murphy said. After getting into a shouting match, Kershaw entered the cell, picked up a handcuffed Mosley and tossed him against the wall, Mosley contended. Murphy said he was not surprised at the judgment and that it highlights a pervasive problem in the Baltimore Police Department.


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