Some Doubts Cast On Inmate’s Claims To Kill 48


Colorado inmate Robert Browne clims to have killed 48 people in nine states and South Korea during a nearly 25-year span. Rita Morgan, his ex-wife, doubts it. She said she was with Browne the night of May 28, 1983, when Browne says he killed neighbor Wanda Hudson in Coushatta, La. “I just don’t see (how) he was supposed to have done anything like that when he was with me the whole time.” Browne knows details of Hudson’s murder, she said, “but everybody in town knew everything the very next day. This is a real small town.”

Others in Coushatta remembered Browne as a liar and braggart who loved elaborate practical jokes. Some questioned whether Browne is confessing to get attention or better prison conditions. Colorado investigators stand by their account of the Hudson case. Morgan wonders if Browne is just bored in prison. By listening to his tales and making deals for information, authorities are playing the kind of manipulative games Browne loves, Morgan said.


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