Meth Maker Registries–Protecting Public Or Helping Addicts?


Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty says the state should post the names and offenses of people who make or sell meth on a Web site, similar to the state’s registry of convicted sex offenders, reports Minnesota Public Radio. “When you have public awareness of the presence of these individuals, there will be further accountability by neighbors, by people who are interested in making sure that their areas of work or residence are safe,” Pawlenty said. The registry won’t list offenders’ addresses, only the county where the meth offense took place. He said the Web site will eventually include photos of offenders.

The Minnesota registry will be modeled after one in Tennessee, which lists more than 400 convicted meth offenders. It’s run by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. The bureau’s communications director, Jennifer Johnson, says the Tennessee site has received nearly half a million hits since it began operating last December. Pawlenty rival and gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch blasted the meth offender registry. Hatch says it will become the “Simon Delivers” for meth addicts looking for a dealer — referring to the online grocery service. “If you’re a meth addict, what are you going to do? What better place to find a meth dealer than on an Internet Web site,” said Hatch, the state attorney general.


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