Houston Chief Contests Survey Criticizing Him


Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt contests the results of a scathing survey released by the police union, the Houston Chronicle reports. Hurtt called for a third party to conduct a fresh review. About 2,300 union members responded to the three-page questionnaire, with 75 percent expressing little confidence in the chief’s leadership. Union officials said the percentages were similar from first-level supervisors. “This isn’t just a bunch of whining, carping police officers – there’s a real problem,” said Mark Clark, union executive director.

Hurtt said “there were some biases as far as the presentation.” Union president Hans Marticiuc welcomed another poll of his members, provided their confidentiality could be assured. “Do it,” Marticiuc said. “If the survey reflects what we’ve shown, then get rid of him.” The shortage of officers on the street, Hurtt said, is a major morale issue. “We realize that we need to hire new people. We started that process, and we’re very aggressive,” he said.

Link: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/4072185.html

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