Rash Of Murders In WA: It’s Probably Not The Heat


Nine killings in as many days, including two women gunned down on a hiking trail for no obvious reason. It’s a lot for Washington State, says the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Some people are quick to jump to a hackneyed Hollywood conclusion: “It must be the heat,” even though temperatures were about average during the crime wave. “Things don’t happen in an evenly spaced way and that’s true of homicides, too,” said Northeastern University criminologist James Fox. “Unless there is a reason to believe that they are linked, or that one in some way influenced the other, it’s just coincidence. Wild theories about full moons and heat waves are just that, wild and unsupported.”

Seattle had an average of 1.7 homicides per week in recent years, but there were 7 last week alone. Jay Corzine of the University of Central Florida and co-editor of the journal Homicide Studies said the theory that people kill more during hot spells, popularized in the 1981 movie “Body Heat,” lacks much evidence to back it up. “There does tend to be a few more homicides in July and August than there is in other months,” he said. “People are a little edgier and more likely to respond aggressively if they are uncomfortable. There may have been something to that theory before the widespread availability of air conditioning.”

Link: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/278532_slayings22.html

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