Boston Mayor Calls For Steroid Testing Of Police Officers


Boston Mayor Thomas Menino will try to make testing for steroids a requirement for Boston police officers now that steroid abuse and trafficking has emerged as one strand of a broadening police corruption investigation, the Boston Globe reports. The suspected ringleader among three officers charged with guarding massive shipments of cocaine is accused of trafficking in steroids, which he allegedly imported from a drug dealer in Greece. A regular customer for the steroids was a second officer. Another officer was placed on administrative duty after he was implicated in the distribution of steroids and suspected steroid use. Because the department does not test officers for steroids, the officer probably would not have come to the attention of department officials if it weren’t for the federal probe. Thomas J. Nee, Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association president, said he is open to steroids testing, but wants to make sure testing would be fair to officers.

Some community leaders, who are warier of officers because of the explosive allegations aired after a 2 1/2-year undercover FBI probe, are concerned that steroid use will make officers more aggressive on the beat. “Guns and steroids just don’t go together,” said Christopher Sumner, executive director of the Boston Ten Point Coalition and a frequent partner of the police on public safety initiatives.


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