Orlando Nears Homicide Record; Drugs Blamed


So far this year Orlando has recorded 33 homicides — just three short of a 1982 record, and with almost half the year left. More killings at this pace could put the city made famous by Mickey Mouse among the top 15 for the highest per-capita murder rate in the country, reports the Associated Press. “People can attribute crime to failing schools, failing families. There’s a bunch of sociological things you can put your finger on,” said police Sgt. Rich Ring. “All we can do as police is say the biggest things are drugs and robbery, and we’re going to take action to attack those issues.”

There had been no clear homicide trends up or down despite a 66 percent population increase since 1980. Most of the murders were committed with handguns. Most victims were black males in their teens and 20s who were involved with drugs or got killed by someone who was. Police Chief Mike McCoy stressed that no tourists had been killed, and said most law-abiding citizens aren’t at risk. “If you’re not selling drugs, if you don’t house people selling drugs, if you don’t have the proceeds of drugs in your home, then your chances of being involved in a homicide are pretty slim,” he said.

Link: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/orange/orl-bk-mickeymurders072206,0,3495494.story

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