Killing of Seattle Ravers Was the Calculated Act of a Loner


Kyle Huff’s shooting rampage that killed six young people after a rave party in Seattle in March was not a sudden eruption of rage but a deliberate, methodical act that ended – likely, as planned – in his suicide, according to a report released Monday. It appeared to be fueled by Huff’s frustration, depression and isolation during his aimless years in Seattle, and eventually turned into a deadly obsession with the rave culture, says the Seattle Times. “The shooting was not random,” said the report prepared by four crime experts.

The 31-page report, commissioned by Seattle police, was based on law-enforcement case files and interviews with police, survivors and Huff’s friends and Montana family. It also analyzes a suicide note in which Huff attacks ravers as “hippies” whose behavior was “too disturbing to ignore.” The report offers the most complete account yet of Huff’s troubled move from Whitefish, Mont., to Seattle, which ended March 25 at the early morning after-rave party, where he killed his victims with a shotgun and Ruger handgun before shooting himself. During his time in Seattle, Huff, 28, was often unemployed, and spent his days searching the Web and listening to heavy-metal music and his nights wandering through bars and clubs. Even at the rave scene, purported to be welcoming to outsiders, he appeared to be a wallflower who felt rejected, according to the report.


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