In Philly, Any Day of the Week Can Be Murder


When it comes to homicide in Philadelphia this year, one day of the week is pretty much like any other. There’s no weekend blip. That is, perhaps, the most remarkable fact to be gleaned from a review of the city’s 185 slayings in the first half of 2006, reports the city’s Inquirer. That review shows that, as was the case last year, the typical victim of homicide in Philadelphia is a young black male. And he has been typically killed by a handgun.

What is a little different is the day-of-the-week pattern. According to data provided by the Philadelphia Police Department, the largest number of homicides, 32, occurred on Friday. The second-highest number of killings, 31, took place on Tuesday. And the five other days of the week, including Saturday and Sunday, were essentially indistinguishable, all with totals ranging from 22 to 26. In one sense, this is a statistical anomaly; through the first six months of last year, Saturday and Sunday were the most common days for killing in Philadelphia.


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