Tips On Serial Killers Flood Phoenix Police Phone Lines


As two serial killers elude Phoenix area police and strike fear in the community, tips pour in from people wanting to offer whatever they can to end the attacks, the Arizona Republic reports. In two days this week, more than 2,000 anonymous tips were called in to police, hundreds more than usually come in during an entire month. There are so many calls that tipsters sometimes get a busy signal or find themselves momentarily put on hold. The six phone lines ring non-stop.

“There’s an old saying in police work that 90 percent of good police work is luck. It’s being in the right place at the right time,” said detective Mark Potts, who has been working 18-hour shifts answering phones. Police have been driving home the importance of residents calling in to report any person or activity that looks suspicious. About 120 officers are dedicated to finding the serial killers. The “Baseline Killer” has been raping, robbing and killing since last August. Six people are dead. The “Serial Shooter” is believed to be responsible for 34 random shootings since May 2005. Five people are dead, and 16 were wounded. Both killers choose their victims randomly and are thought to lurk in the area before they attack.


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