Pregnant Officers Get A Break In New Suffolk Policy


The Suffolk, N.Y., police department will not require preganant officers to work at the front desk after one was hit in the stomach by a civilian woman, Newsday reports. Police Commissioner Richard Dormer said that with a note from a physician, “we’re going to take them off the desk and put them in other positions where they won’t have to deal with the public.”

The change was applauded by Cassandra Stubbs, who represented female officers who won a lawsuit alleging that a policy ending the practice of putting pregnant officers on desk jobs discriminated against women. “That’s the reason that we filed this lawsuit,” Stubbs said. “To get a policy like this.” On July 1, a woman unhappy with what pregnant officer Stacey Cunneen told her punched the officer in the stomach. Cunneen had contractions and was hospitalized.


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