Columbine Papers Show Details Of Killers’ Plans


Colorado officials released 946 pages of documents in perhaps the last legal fight over records related to the April 20, 1999, Columbine High School killings, reports the Rocky Mountain News. Among revelations: Eric Harris’ fellow killer, Dylan Klebold, expressed suicidal thoughts more than two years before the attack. Harris thought as early as 1997 that it would be easy to bring a gun to school. “Students who bring guns to school are hardly ever detected,” Harris wrote in a Dec. 10, 1997, paper. “This is shocking to most parents and even other students since it is just as easy to bring a loaded handgun to school as it is to bring a calculator.”

The killers wrote extensively about their plans for the attack – at one point coming up with a crude budget for the supplies they would need. A ledger contained among the documents includes two lists, one under the word have and another under the word need. Written next to need is “$20 gasoline” and “$200 expenses” and other supplies that were crossed off. Klebold wrote in February 1998 about having “been caught in most of my crimes.” When he detailed several, including a reference to “pipe bombs,” it raised new questions about what his parents knew about his and Harris’ actions before the Columbine shootings. Gary Lozow, an attorney for Tom and Sue Klebold, said it was “absolutely, unequivocally clear that these parents never knew anything about pipe bombs, period.” Harris and Klebold were fascinated with the Nazis, authoring papers on them and keeping a list of jargon associated with Adolf Hitler’s reign in Germany.


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