MN Town Has One Surveillance Camera For Every 46 People


Nine cameras eyeball Main Street and the only roads into Sanborn, a southwestern Minnesota town among some of the most fertile soybean fields in America, the Chicago Tribune reports. In recent years, big cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, and Minneapolis, have embraced security cameras as a deputy or a snitch, of sorts, helping law enforcement monitor public activity in downtowns and on streets. With one camera for every 46 residents, Sanborn is establishing a new threshold in the fight against crime.

Martin Ziegler, a local sausagemaker, pushed to get the cameras installed after a stranger chased his daughter, then 10, in broad daylight. The cameras were installed in November, at a cost of $29,000, much of it donated. Are they making any difference? It’s debatable in terms of measurable crime. Shortly after the cameras went up, someone broke into the lumber company and stole the safe. The opened safe was recovered in Iowa; authorities never nabbed the thieves, despite catching a look at the pickup truck on the camera.


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