To Fight Drugs, Minneapolis Cops Set Up Lemonade Stand


Minneapolis police last Friday set up a lemonade stand in one of the city’s highest-crime areas, says the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Mark Klukow, a 11-year veteran street cop, came up with the idea. Of the 30 murders reported in Minneapolis this year, 16 have been in the area of north Minneapolis that includes the intersection.

In their test a week earlier, Klukow and other officers attracted nearly 400 youths and drained 25 gallons of lemonade. They also reduced crime. “Putting the cops in these high-risk neighborhoods literally shuts down crime,” he said. “We were in sight — literally in sight — of three dope houses. They were perturbed that we were there. Their clients moved.” The lemonade stand will spend each Friday in a different neighborhood. It will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Klukow said the main goals of the lemonade stand were to increase police visibility in the neighborhood, make a positive impression on kids age 11 to 17 and listen to the residents’ concerns.


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